Konica Minolta to unpack bizhub PRESS C71cf at Labelexpo India 2016

Marking a landmark foray into label printing market with this production press
Footprints of Konica Minolta have now been expanded into the label and packaging domain with the introduction of bizhub PRESS C71cf, a digital production label press, which is introducing at Labelexpo India 2016. In an exclusive chat with Jyaneswar Laishram from Print & Publishing, Yuji Nakata, MD, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd, narrates about their new label press and strategic moves they are taking up to expand their digital production press portfolio. In response to the current need for suitable label printing system in the Indian market, Konica Minolta is introducing its resourceful digital press, bizhub PRESS C71cf, at Labelexpo India 2016. Launching of this production press has marked an optimum printing solution for label converters, printers and brand owners. “We have brought bizhub PRESS C71cf to India after thoroughly observing the market requirement. This mid-level system is positioned between the entry-level and the high-end, suitably designed for short-run jobs,” says Yuji Nakata, adding that the press brings a smooth transition of label printing from analogue to digital.

Yuji Nakata (centre), Yoshinori Koide and Manish Gupta.“This newly introduced bizhub PRESS C71cf stands apart with its ease-of-use features; the system is perfectly engineered for the short-run production of labels, complementing to traditional offset process,” mentions Yoshinori Koide, EGM–business strategy & project management - business planning division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd. He adds that they are utterly excited to introduce the economical and productive press in the Indian label printing market.

Technical details

With its flexibility and efficiency, bizhub PRESS C71cf delivers a new value that no other conventional short-run machines in the label and packaging industry could ever meet. About the machine’s technical features, Manish Gupta, national manager-PP & IP Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd, points out the revolutionary dry-toner electrophotography printing mechanism that offers full colour (CMYK) support. “This compact press can deliver print in resolution of 1,200 dpi and is based on already proven Konica Minolta dry toner technology,” he informs.

“Capable to support a paper width of 330 mm, bizhub PRESS C71cf is ideal for medium-sized label and packaging printing businesses whose activities involve production of diverse applications for clients from different market clusters,” explains Yoshinori Koide. He mentions some unique features of the press, such as low-temperature fusing technology and Simitri HDE toner, which configure the machine to print on a wide range of materials, including polypropylene and synthetic paper.

Versatile media handling

When enquired about the substrates bizhub PRESS C71cf is compatible with, Yoshinori mentions a range that consists of pressure-sensitive gloss papers, white BOPP, PET, polypropylene, semi-gloss, wine stocks, among others. And the press is attuned to file formats like PDF, PS (APPE compatible), 8 bit TIFF, among others. According to Yoshinori, bizhub PRESS C71cf is capable to perform seamlessly at the speed of upto 18.9 m/min, depending on the type of substrate it takes.

On the other hand, bizhub PRESS C71cf is characterised with cutting-edge digital technology to offer easy prototyping, customisation as well as the convenience of personalised text and graphics on labels. Worth notable among all efficacies of the press is its highly proficient mechanism that keeps power consumption barely at a minimum level. Impeccably engineered with an unwinder and rewinder diameter of 500 mm, bizhub PRESS C71cf is an end-to-end digital printing solution for variable data printing (VDP) too, supporting PPML and PDF-VT file formats.

Exclusive focus

Yuji proudly remarks that the launch of bizhub PRESS C71cf in India is Konica Minolta’s dedicated attempt to leverage the country’s label and packaging industry. “This press opens up new business opportunities that digital press can deliver for both traditional and start-up firms,” he mentions, adding, “Those firms using offset technologies can pick up bizhub PRESS C71cf for extended on-demand jobs.”

Around 3,000 KM units have so far been installed in the production setups of a host of leading printing firms around the country. Of them, according to Yuji, we already have few placements with the customers engaged in label and packaging jobs. “As label and packaging printing is one of the aggressively growing sectors in India, driven by several factors like customisation and regionalisation of consumer products, we are accelerating the growth with the introduction of bizhub PRESS C71cf,” says Yuji. In this context, as a piece of advice to everyone, he conclusively conveys that the digital label press is a new marvel from Konica Minolta to every new and old player alike in the label industry.

New Xaar 502 family of printheads for high-quality coding and marking applications

Xaar plc, the leader in industrial inkjet technology, has launched Xaar 502 product family of high-performance greyscale piezoelectric drop-on-demand printheads designed for a wide variety of applications. The first release from this printhead family is the Xaar 502 GS15 O optimised for Coding and Marking applications.

The Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead meets the needs of manufacturers developing machines to print high quality late-stage product identification such as text, product data, bar codes and graphics onto secondary packaging or directly onto shaped products and primary packaging.

This printhead launch, which demonstrates Xaar’s commitment to Coding & Marking, delivers a step change in product identification technology by combining binary and greyscale capabilities in one wide-swathe (70.5mm) printhead to give users the ultimate in flexibility.

With the ability to print drop sizes from 15-75 pL, the printhead can print up to 6 grey levels for high-resolution, intense blacks on low contrast surfaces such as cardboard outer boxes. The Xaar 502 GS15 0 delivers sharp, dense black text as well as fine text, quality graphics and smooth images on porous or semi-porous outer packaging and cardboard, giving the ability to better manage ink usage.

The Xaar 502 family utilises Xaar’s latest piezoelectric drop-on-demand actuator design, PrecisionPlus, which provides a long throw distance and increases stability and robustness of the printhead. It also features Xaar’s TF Technology which can be run in Pulsed mode. This optional new mode recirculates ink behind the nozzles during non-printing periods only, ensuring maximum reliability, excellent performance, high energy efficiency and market-leading printhead lifespan.

The Xaar 502 GS15 O is compatible with a range of oil-based inks popular for use in Coding and Marking applications, including the latest addition to Xaar’s ink portfolio black mineral oil-free (MOF) SunJet IK822. This ink is designed for use on secondary packaging, delivering high quality and optical density on a wide range of porous and semi-porous substrates. The main benefit of this ink is its ability to break down easily during recycling, which is of particular interest to environmentally conscious brand owners and retailers.

New flexographic products from DuPont

DuPont Advanced Printing has introduced DuPont Cyrel EASY flexographic printing plates, which simplify the prepress process with flat top digital dots that are built directly into the plates, resulting in increased productivity and consistency.

Developed specifically for flexible packaging and tag and label, Cyrel EASY plates are based on a new polymer technology that produces higher ink transfer, colour saturation and resolution. Significantly higher solid ink density has been demonstrated in customer testing, without compromising on highlights. The plates are available globally for FAST/thermal and solvent processing in engineered and smooth surfaces. Additional Cyrel EASY flexographic printing products are currently in development for the corrugated, beverage and folding carton markets.

The latest addition to the leading DuPont Cyrel brand flexographic systems portfolio is advancing flexography by delivering colour complexity and workflow simplicity. The plates perform exceedingly well on press, delivering high solid ink density and excellent fade-to-zero highlights. Press operations also benefit because these plates come up to colour very quickly and minimize start-up waste. Cyrel EASY is a brand new platform that uses breakthrough technology that benefits platemaking as well as printing operations. This is part of an ongoing effort by DuPont to drive progress in the flexographic printing industry by improving quality, sustainability and productivity.

DuPont Advanced Printing has also launched a new anti-counterfeiting film for packaging, DuPont Izon 3D security film. This new film utilizes industry-leading DuPont imaging technology and enables the integration of overt anti-counterfeiting features directly onto product packaging or labeling. The unique features of Izon make it simple and intuitive for people to verify authentic packaging, and DuPont technology defeats counterfeiter’s attempts to duplicate.

Monotech Systems to present Focus Proflex at Labelexpo India

Monotech Systems will showcase live demo of a 6-color all UV Servo model Proflex Se from Focus Proflex at Labelexpo India. The machine comes with full UV and hot air/IR drying, cold foil and turn bar on rail, die cutting and easy loading features among others.

Proflex Se flexo press is the latest offering from Focus Label Machinery, UK and was recently launched in Labelexpo Europe 2015. The new ‘Se’ open architecture print platform allows faster change over and set up of jobs with easy access for the operator to monitor all key elements like ink levels, impression pressures, register and drying systems. The shaftless servo systems covers key areas of press control and pre-register opportunities are very useful in “standardized” working environments, when consistent repeatability is needed from day to day, week to week. Set-up can be stored, retrieved and analyzed for future reference or in real time through the intuitive touch screen interface. Open architecture servo technology has the ability to provide with creative solutions for today and future. Combination drying systems for labels, tickets & board, with IR, UV, led UV including chill rolls for unsupported films make the Proflex range the right choice for narrow web printing at a sensible investment level.

The company will also display the samples of various packaging labels printed on Labelmen Intermittent Offset Press. There was a recent association of Monotech Systems with Labelmen International to represent the intermittent offset and letterpress label presses in India.

Monotech has recently installed the first machine in India at Glamod Techno Labels, Mumbai.

Esko standardizes prepress workflow at 14 global locations of Essel Group

Essel Propack is a leader in the laminated tube market with a 35% global market share in this packaging segment. Several years ago, the company adopted Esko’s prepress and workflow solutions across its plants in India. The goal was to manage consistency in brand colours for their multinational clients. Recently, the company signed a new agreement with Esko reflecting its intention to modernize and integrate its workflow, prepress and quality practices in all their major plants located in 14 locations globally.

M Ram Ramasamy, chief operating officer of Essel Propack, says, “The Essel Group is a frontrunner when it comes to standardizing colour for global brands. With Esko’s solution, we can achieve uniform print quality across various printing processes such as offset, digital, flexo and letterpress. Before our recent contract signing at drupa 2016, our earlier agreement with Esko helped us to standardize the prepress workflow across all the plants in India (Vasind, Wada, Nalagarh and Goa) and in Poland, Germany and China—seven plants so far.”

The signing of a comprehensive global agreement between the two companies at drupa 2016 is considered a significant step for Essel Propack. One of the biggest hardware, software and service agreements concluded at the show, Essel will equip all of its their major plants located in 14 locations globally with Esko’s prepress, design and packaging management solutions. Moreover, Full HD Flexo digital imagers and solutions will be set up within 18 months across all the plants. The company is taking every possible step to detect and fix errors at the initial stages of the workflow and to automate it processes in order to enhance quality, productivity, security and time to market for its brand owner customers.

With Esko’s design, prepress and workflow software and its prototyping and collaborative online tools, Essel Propack can link its existing prepress units to various manufacturing units. As part of the agreement, there will be standard tools across the globe. Ramasamy adds, “In the last few years, with the increase in consumption of tubes, Essel Group has expanded its footprint every year. Hence, automation becomes a necessity to be able to produce more files while reducing the time in supply chain management.

“Clients are involved from the development stage in visualizing the final output. This way consumer product in new and innovative laminated tubes can reach the market as quickly as possible. What’s more, the Essel Group’s research and development team continue to secure patents in laminated tube design and production.”

John Winderam, general manager of Esko says, “Esko is very pleased to have strengthened our relationship with Essel Propack. When two leading industry players choose to work together at this level then you can expect great results. We expect our partnership to set a new standard in the design and production of the next generation of laminated tubes.”

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