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Paperex 2013 to span 14 halls at Pragati Maidan

informed Gagan Sahni, senior manager marketing, International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd (ITEI). Here, he shares more about the upcoming Paparex 2013, to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from October 24-27, 2013. Excerpts.

The industry statistics…

Indian paper industry has been showing a phenomenal growth and is expected to grow at a rate of ~6.4% CAGR to 15.5-16Mt up to FY17. “India, the 15th largest paper manufacturer, is the world’s fastest growing paper market; producing however, only ~2.6% of its total output. The per capita consumption in India stands at only 9.3 kg as against 42 kg in China, 22 kg in Indonesia, 25 kg in Malaysia and 312 kg in the US,” shared Gagan Sahni, senior manager marketing, International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd (ITEI), and the prime architect of the brand Paperex.

“The Indian paper industry is classified into three main segments–paperboard and industrial packaging (paperboard) comprising ~45% of the industry, followed by printing and writing paper (p&w), accounting for ~35% and newsprint segment (newsprint) covering ~20% of the domestic paper production,” he added.

Challenges in the paper industry…

On asking about the challenges in the Indian paper industry, Gagan replied, “There are quite a few challenges to the Indian paper industry. These include: weakening of Rupee against Dollar affecting the imports, thus affecting the competitiveness of the Indian paper industry. While, the increase in raw material, energy and financing cost has put enormous pressure on the cost of production and at the same time, lack of power supply to the paper manufacturing units affecting the paper production.”

He also pointed out the fact that though India has a large available pool of unskilled and skilled workforce and the advantage of very low manpower costs; the outdated labor laws, however, (some predating India’s independence) are not conducive to a sound operating environment.

Paperless office: how is it affecting the paper industry?

The world is moving towards paperless offices and print runs are decreasing, so is it a threat for the paper industry? “The need for paper cannot be undermined. The paper requirement is growing phenomenally in packaging and speciality paper segment. The demand for paper may be decreasing in offices but surely increasing in the household segments. Government is giving special emphasis to education in the country which has resulted in increase in demand of paper as well,” replied the enthusiastic Gagan.

On Paperex 2013, New Delhi…

Paperex is now in its 11th edition and the number of exhibitors and the exhibition space has been surpassing its own past performances. “This year Paperex will be held in 14 exhibition halls covering 22,500 sq m exhibition area. As of now we have over 400 confirmed exhibitors, while our target is over 500 exhibitor for this year’s Paperex. A special thrust has been put on inviting international participation for Paperex and there will be group participation from China, France, Germany and Taiwan,” informed Gagan proudly.

“This year exhibition will be organized on a mega scale. Prior to the exhibition, we plan to organize a press meet and road shows to promote this leading business event. Besides, the exhibition is being promoted at industry platform meets and in trade media. Moreover, various activities during the exhibition are planned to ensure the quality audience at the event. This will include a three day international concurrent conference on “Global Pulp and Paper Industry: Problems and Prospects”, to be organized by Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association,” he added.

On asking about the support from other trade associations, Gagan replied, “We have support from all the major trade associations in India and abroad who are promoting this event. The event is being promoted by worldwide network of ITE Group Plc. Regular direct mailers and e-mailers are also being sent to promote the event.”

As a matter of fact, leading industry associations like the following have given their support to Paperex: AIAI (All India Associations of Industries, India); IARPMA (Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association, India); IPPTA (Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association, India); CPPRI (Central Pulp & paper Research Institute, India); FPTA (Federation of Paper Traders Association of India); APPITA (Technical association for the pulp and paper industry of Australia and New Zealand); ABTCP (Brazilian Paper and Pulp Technical Association, Brazil); PI (Paper Engineers Association, Finland); ZELLCHEMING (German Pulp and Paper Chemists & Engineers Association, Germany); TAPPSA (Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industry of South Africa); TAPPI (Technical Association of the pulp and paper Industry), USA; UPMA (U.P paper Merchant Association, India); and WASME (World Association for small and Medium Enterprises, India).

On a concluding note…

“The best in the paper industry will be showcased at Paperex 2013. This business event would add tremendous value to the knowledge of all those who visit Paperex,” concluded Gagan.

ExpoPrint 2014, Latin America

In Latin America, ExpoPrint is the most important printing event and in 2014, it will be held at the TransAmérica Expo Center from July 16 - 22, very soon after the Soccer World Cup. According to figures presented at Drupa 2012 by Werner Dornscheidt, the CEO and president of Messe Düsseldorf, ExpoPrint Latin America ranks as the 5th largest printing fair in the world. “Latin America is no longer an adjunct, it has become a hub for attracting investments, a solution for the directing of trade that, previously, was concentrated in the First World which is now stagnant. The ExpoPrint numbers confirm the growing curve of the importance of Brazil and Latin America and this will certainly increase in 2014”, said Sandra Keese, director of APS Feiras e Eventos which is the organizer of ExpoPrint Latin America 2014.In 2014 the event will feature two additional pavilions, making a total of 7 pavilion halls for the exhibition in São Paulo which is the industrial and commercial heart of Brazil.”

India International Printing & Packaging Fair (IIPPF) debuts with a moderate start

The inaugural edition of India International Printing & Packaging Fair (IIPPF) held recently at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from August 06-09, 2013 marked a good start with future perfect vision on digital printing. Organised by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), the fair witnessed a spectrum of focus exhibits on printing and packaging machineries as well and technological excellences.

Formally inaugurated by Rita Menon, chairperson and managing director, ITPO along with some captains of the industry, debut edition of IIPPF turned out to be a platform where major trade associations and leading industry players gathered to make new businesses and joint ventures. At the opening session, Rita Menon also released an exclusive directory of the Members of Delhi Printers’ Association.

Spotlighting a wide range of printing and packaging equipments and machineries, key segments covered at IIPPF include pre-press, post-press and finishing, packaging, converting machines and other innovative developments as well as time-saving novel solutions.

Seminar on future of digital printing

Onset of IIPPF set off with a thought-provoking seminar titled ‘Future Vision - Digital Printing’ conducted by a panel of eminent industry leaders, namely, Ranjan Kuthari, former-president, All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP); Pankaj Kalra, associate director & head production system group, Xerox India; and V Balakrishnan, executive general manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India. The seminar focused on the advent of digital printing which will be supplementing and complementing the existing offset printing industry.

Digital printing, which has generated tremendous interest across numerous industrial sectors in recent years, is set to flourish in India in the coming decade. In this concern, Pankaj Kalra pointed out that today’s business needs to have shortened the turnover time of ideate to print in less than four hours. There is an urgent need to replace older technology with the latest machines equipped with advanced speed, security and transparency. He further stated that the success of digital printing can be attributed to economies of high-quality print for short runs.

According to V Balakrishnan, future of offset v/s digital printing is mainly influenced by the market innovations and cutting-edge technologies. He further said, “Convenience is the key to today’s technology and the industry would continue to innovate.” He added that customisation, personalisation and colour have become obvious. Talking about the advantages of inkjet printing over laser printing, he informed that digital inkjet can accommodate much larger sizes compared to laser. He concluded, “Although the world is gradually drifting towards paperless office, the printed world is here to stay.”

In his keynote address, Ranjan Kuthari complimented ITPO for launching IIPPF 2013 to make the Indian printing and packaging sectors globally competitive. He mentioned, “Future trends of the digital printing indicate new growth patterns which would affect the related SMEs.” He further added that these future machines and innovations are amenable to operation even by less technically equipped operators. Wrapping-up of the seminar was marked with proposal of votes of thanks from Kamal Chopra, general secretary, Offset Printers’ Association, Ludhiana.

Exhibitors speak

“This initiative taken by ITPO is really a good. I see a good future prospect of this exclusive fair.”
-Chintan Mehta, Knowell Corporation, Mumbai

“First edition of IIPPF marks a good start; looking forward to seeing big success in future.”
-Shubhangi Tyagi, Jona, Delhi

“Indeed a good job of ITPO as this fair is focused and fruitful.”
-Manish Jaimini, GBT New Delhi

“We are happy that the exhibits are very selective and focused.”
-SN Patel,
Patel Enterprises, Mumbai

“Overall presentation is good and quite promising for more in the coming editions.”
-Sanjiv Chanda,
Integrated Graphics Solutions, New Delhi

“IIPPF is good for its compact and focused nature.”
-Anurag Gaur,
Naman Enterprises, Delhi

“India is going to be number one country in the world for printing”

says SR Sharma, chairman, PAMEX 2013, in conversation with Varsha Verma of Print & Publishing.

SR SharmaTo be held at India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida from November 14-17, 2013, PAMEX 2013 is one of the premier event for the printing and allied machinery industries in Asia. The event is organized by All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) with TAFCON, New Delhi as associate organisers.

PAMEX is supported by the Government of India through Ministries of Commerce & Industry (Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion), Micro, Small & Medium Scale Enterprises and Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation (Directorate of Printing) as well as other international and national bodies’ like IPAMA (Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association); FIP (Federation of India Publishers); INS (Indian Newspaper Society); VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation); PEIAC (Printing And Printing Equipment Industries Association of China); and NPES (the association for suppliers of printing, publishing and converting technologies, US).

Along with 60 affiliate Associations of AIFMP, PAMEX is a unique show “by the printers, for the printers and of the printers,” says SR Sharma, chairman, PAMEX 2013, while conversing with Varsha Verma. Excerpts.

P&P: How is Indian printing industry poised vis-à-vis its foreign counterparts?

SR Sharma: India is going to be number one country in the world for printing. Due to low cost and ready to adopt new technologies, they are ready to change the entire gamut of printing and the Indian printing industry will come out as future of print. The scenario is changing in the Indian printing industry, wherein world is showing a decline in the growth/ performance, but in India, we are showing the upward growth at a very fast speed.

P&P: What are the current challenges in the printing industry?

SR Sharma: There are various challenges in different sectors. For example, in the Digital Imaging sector, the challenge printers’ face with the advent of computers and laser beams creating print-ready graphics is the capital expenditure it requires to put in to stay ahead of the competition. With a small print shop grossing $250,000 annually and a computer-to-plate (CTP) system costing upwards of $100,000, putting the two together can cause quite the financial bind. The challenge is only compounded because the competition has already made the commitment to technology, and thus impacts the comparative quality between those who have and those who have not. The old ways of cameras, negatives, stripping and plate burning can still accomplish everything they accomplished last year. The difference is the competition can cut hours (or days) off of production time and win the quote on delivery. One must also consider the fact that computer-generated imaging is perfect compared to manual prepress. Staying on top of technology is a daunting task.

Now, let’s talk of inkjet printing which forgoes plates and rollers and instead prints directly on the substrate with a series of spray nozzles carrying process and additional spot colours. Not only can the ink jet printer run at 10,000 copies an hour (equal to an offset press), it can print each copy differently: 10,000 personalized letters, envelopes, annual reports or business cards. For the traditional commercial offset printer to compete with this kind of versatility is impossible. The answer is either to upgrade the capability or concede a large market share to the competition.

Another challenging area is the customer service. Customers still like vendors who know names and remember their birthdays. The challenge for the printing industry today is to not lose sight of what makes the business run while running the business: customers. All the gadgets and incredibly advanced equipment imaginable mean nothing if there are no sales and steady profits to pay for these expenditures. Although it’s easier to communicate with customers today with e-mails, faxes, cell phones and even video conferencing, the challenge is to never forget the customer is a person wanting their printing done right the first time and on schedule.

P&P: What were the reasons for the change in venue from Pragati Maidan to India Expo Centre in Greater Noida and what has been the response from the exhibitors?

SR Sharma: The India Exposition Centre & Mart Ltd is designed especially for hosting world-class events and exhibitions and offers a high standard of services and facilities and has been hosting many eminent shows. A multifaceted events facility, the center has the capacity to hold a variety of events from 50 to 5,000 guests. Built with a modernistic outlook, the India Expo Center EXPO XXI has been merged with the unique blend of technology with state-of-the-art facilities and safety standards as per international standards. The recently concluded Printpack 2013 has proved that this venue will be the good option for organizing such events.

Initially, a few of the exhibitors were concerned about it the venue is of course located about half an hour away from the central part of Delhi, which I am sure is no great a distance when we all see many international venues in China and other countries, including one in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. However, for the smooth and hassle-free commuting of the exhibitors & visitors, complementary Shuttle Service from Botanical Garden Metro Station, Noida will be provided which will be available on all four days of the exhibition. Also after knowing the facilities at the venue, such exhibitors are convinced that the show will be much more organized as compared to earlier editions.

P&P: How big would be the PAMEX this time, in terms of the total exhibition space, etc?

SR Sharma: The indication of response and with the active support and guidance of the president, All India Federation of Master Printers and the Council Members and with the sincere efforts extended by Tafcon team members, we hope to achieve about 50% increase in the exhibition area compared to the last editions. This

mega institutionalized biennial international exhibition will cover an area of about 18,000 sq m in 5 Halls. Over 100 exhibitors have already confirmed participation and about 200 are in the pipeline.

P&P: What new activities have been planned this year?

SR Sharma: A well integrated two days print conference is planned alongwith the event under the chairmanship of VK Malik, past president, AIFMP, in which country papers from USA, Germany, Australia, China, Sri Lanka and India will be presented. The conference will be supported by NPES, VDMA, PEIAC etc.

P&P: What marketing initiatives are being taken to promote the fair?

SR Sharma: Apart from the publicity carried through trade journals and promotion being made through various events organized by AIFMP, we are also organizing one-to-one meetings and visits by senior delegations from AIFMP and TAFCON to various international trade shows including DRUPA- Germany, APPP Expo- Shanghai, Chinaprint 2013- Beijing, Chinacoat- Guangzhou etc. We will soon be exhilarating the road shows in various small and medium cities spread all over India. During the show also, we will be highlighting all the new launches of machines or technology through various mediums (print, electronic and online).

P&P: Any message for our readers....

SR Sharma: Block your diaries and firm your travel plans for PAMEX which will be a unique show “by the printers, for the printers and of the printers.”

Fourth edition of PPI registers 40 percent increase in exhibition space

-Increased demand in exhibition space cements PPI’s position as the leading trade fair for Southeast Asia’s printing and packaging industry.

3rd PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL at BITEC, BangkokTrade floor is set for PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL (PPI) 2013 - the much anticipated biennial staging of the world’s top companies in the packaging and printing sector from August 28 - 31, 2013. The 4th International Packaging and Printing Exhibition for Southeast Asia brings together leading brand names, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors that are set to move the industry to Thailand’s Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf Asia (MDA), The Thai Packaging Association and The Thai Printing Association, the trade exhibition will come to life with multi-range product displays and robust exhibitor-visitor engagements across three exhibition halls at BITEC. A wide range of exciting on site activities including product demonstrations, interactive seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts representing the exhibiting leading brands will be available to trade professionals attending the fair.

PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL is an industry focused exhibition that is the top choice for industry leaders and rapidly emerging companies to showcase their latest technology, pioneering innovations and timely product offerings that cater to current market needs. It provides an excellent collaborative platform for leading companies and their authorized distributors, suppliers and certified dealers to meet targeted clients. Gernot Ringling, managing director of Messe Düsseldorf Asia shared that “PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL rides on the back of strong industry development that is full of potential amidst a positive economic outlook. We are delighted that the trade exhibition has grown by 40 percent in space with even more live machinery on display. We will continue to bring the world’s best market leaders whose technologies meet the industry’s current expectations, both globally and from Thailand.”

Exhibiting companies will be featuring novel, higher grade or newly improved products with enhanced technical aspects that can combine high production reliability and performance capability with cost-efficiency. In response to swift market momentum that pushes for faster turnaround of fresh introductions into expanding markets, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL will promote complete range of customized, multi-functional products as well as integrated services that reflect the expanded business environment across the packaging and printing sectors.

Technological trends

According to Smithers Pira (Printing Industry Research Association), global digital printed packaging has a forecasted CAGR growth rate of 20.6 percent through to 2016 and is expected to reach a market value of US$12.26 billion. Given the promising future of digital printing for packaging, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2013 will feature printing themes earmarked for greater expansion such as packaging printing, digital printing, automation and web-to-print applications, all of which play significant role in supporting the development of digital flexible packaging needs. Exhibitors presenting the integrated applications include Global Graphics Machines Co Ltd representing Kodak, Muller Martini (Thailand) Co Ltd, Nationwide Co Ltd who will be showcasing products from Konica Minolta, CRON CtP and Rotary Technology Limited partnership featuring machines from Edale Ltd. As this sector thrives by an average of five percent annually, reaching 37 million tones of materials globally by 2017.

The rapid development of Thailand’s packaging sector will allow local players to optimize the opportunities available in Asia’s US$114 billion worth packaging industry. The food and beverages sector remains the key growth driver, supported by high export demand and easy access to raw materials that pave robust growth in the domestic market for processing and packaging equipment. Driven by these promising market indicators, the exhibition has attracted innovative packaging materials and label solutions manufacturers that include C.G.S (Thailand) Co Ltd, C I Kasei Co Ltd, Idemitsu Unitech Co Ltd, MPS Maschinen- & Pack-Systeme AG, PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd., Polyplex (Thailand)Public Company Limited and etc. Some of the multi-national brands and companies who will be exhibiting alongside their local partners include Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co Ltd, Ferrostaal (Thailand) Co Ltd, Fujifilm (Thailand) Ltd, Fuji Xerox Thailand Co Ltd, Heidelberg Graphics (Thailand) Ltd, Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Ricoh (Thailand) Ltd and many more.

Industry projections indicate that the digital print market will reach USD$187.7 billion by 2018, these companies are set to present their digital print solutions that complement the offset printing sectors with equally high speed and quality outputs. Sheet-fed printers looking to acquire offset presses with the ability to handle a range of formats can visit Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA), Eltromat GmbH, Worldly Industrial Co Ltd, Sanxin Printing Machine Material Co Ltd, Tradeally (Thailand) Co Ltd, Large Format Systems Co Ltd and many more at the exhibition. These companies will present their latest technologies ranging from small to super-large web offset presses for commercial and newspaper printing, as well as presses and systems for banknote printing, metal-decorating and coding.

Complementary value-added activities

Over 20,000 trade professionals from all over Asia are expected to visit PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2013 to experience a one-stop platform that offers the opportunity to establish new business partnerships, network with local and international trade insiders and engage potential distributing agents. Apart from the main exhibition, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2013 will also present a line-up of concurrent events consisting of product demonstrations, seminars, technical workshops and onsite presentations. These concurrent events feature the industry’s best creative minds who will present the latest trends and innovations that have inspired change whilst harnessing the thriving business environment for the packaging and printing industry.

The show

Since its debut in 2007, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL (PPI) has become Asia’s premier event for all from the global printing and packaging sectors. Driven by the world-renowned and sectors’ leading trade fairs drupa and interpack, PPI will once again showcase technology, products and solutions serving the entire supply chain presented by international brand names and worldwide market leaders. Together with seminars, technical presentations and a host of networking activities the 4th International Packaging and Printing Exhibition for Asia is a must-attend event for industry professionals to expand their business in the region. The four-day exhibition will be open to trade visitors from August 28 - 31, 2013 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand.

IIPPF 2013: all set to make a mark

To be held from August 6-9, 2013, the debut show of India International Printing & Packaging Fair (IIPPF) 2013, is all set to open its doors. Organised by ITPO, the nodal agency of the Government of India for promoting the country’s external trade, the show is poised to mark its presence in this segment. Here, Rita Menon, chairperson and managing director, ITPO shares about their plans for this annual show, in conversation with Varsha Verma. The backdrop…

“With huge developments taking place in the printing industry, which is valued at US$12 billion and is growing 12 percent annually, and with the immense focus on the packaging industry valued at US$ 14 billion and growing at 15 percent annually, IIPPF 2013 is the calculated and determined debut of ITPO in this segment,” started off Rita Menon, the dynamic chairperson & managing director of ITPO. “Besides, there are more than 8,000 periodicals being brought out in India which are definitive out put of print industry. The printing industry is witnessing rapid technological innovations.”

The aim…

Rita MenonITPO has always been in the forefront for playing a proactive role in catalysing trade, investment and technology transfer processes. “We are committed to promote entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneurs in their efforts to provide employment and boost economic growth at their own levels. The printing and packaging industry has seen many entrepreneurs and it is a labour-intensive industry,” explained Rita.

“Infact, ITPO has supported a generation of entrepreneurs and with IIPPF we wish to take it further,” added Prabhat Chandra Sharma, general manager, ITPO, who was also present in the conversation.

The USPs…

“IIPPF 2013 has a unique proposition, as we are organizing the show to facilitate interaction between the exhibitors and the visitors. This is our avowed aim and is critically important for the small scale and medium scale sector in India. Besides, the show is being held at the most convenient and centrally located venue – Pragati Maidan, which is well connected by public transport including the Metro Rail, apart from abundant parking space, etc. The exhibitor space is attractively priced at Rs 4,000 per sq m for bare area and Rs 5,000 per sq m under shell scheme,” informed Rita.

The expanse…

The show will be held in Halls 10 & 11 and Rita hopes that they would be able to cover nearly 6,000 sq m of space, attracting around 100 exhibitors. “Over 300 visitors have already registered for the show on our website,” she added.

Industry support…

ITPO has received support from the Delhi Printers’ Association (DPA), who are knowledge partners as well as from the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI), who are the conference partners of the show. Besides, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) is also supporting the show.

“DPA is helping us in promoting the show with its own channels, creating awareness in the industry through their newsletters, helping in organizing road shows at different locations, etc. While, PHDCCI has been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing seminars on various relevant subjects. The event will help the industry brainstorm amongst itself and also suggest policy initiatives for the consideration of the government,” told Rita.

Marketing initiatives…

ITPO is leaving no stone upturned to popularize the show, be it print/electronic media, B2B portals, road shows, newsletters, etc. Road shows have been planned at Amritsar, Ludhiana, Faridabad/Delhi, Karnal etc, besides the regular media vehicles like press advertisements, e-mailers, direct mailers, telemarketing, etc. “We are also planning to release TV spots on major channels as also the radio spots on FM radio,” added Rita.

Besides, DPA and ITPO are conceptualizing an ‘Excellence in Printing Awards’ which would generate a lot of interest in the industry. There would be three prizes for best display as well.” We will also give an evaluation form to exhibitors to give us feedback to improve our show further,” she added.

On competition…

Asking about the competition faced from other printing shows, Rita confidently replied, “In a world dominated by competition, there is a room for whole lot of initiatives. We deliver a potpourri of experience which is unmatched and have effective partners to make each event a world-class one. There is so much entrepreneurship and talent available across the industry and we wish to give them a boost. We are fairly confident that IIPPF would make a place for itself.”

“ITPO is committed to make IIPPF the largest printing and packaging show in India while facilitating the industry to keep its costs of promotion very affordable. We are also trying to bring in some renowned brands in India to partner with ITPO. We welcome all to come and enjoy this show,” concluded Rita.

Group Publications


Neeraj Dargan to lead
Manroland Sheetfed subsidiary in India

-With offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH has established an own subsidiary in India. Manroland Sheetfed India Pvt Ltd will be based in New Delhi with local offices in Mumbai and Chennai. Neeraj Dargan heads up the new Manroland Sheetfed operations as managing director. Dargan brings a wealth of experience, having spent more than 30 years in the fields of sales & marketing, technical, operations and commercial, in capital goods and consumables for the print and graphic arts sector.

“I am delighted to be heading the new Manroland Sheetfed subsidiary to expand the company’s APAC operations. My local-market experience will enable to better serve the group's existing client base and with year-on-year growth in India’s printing industry, I am looking forward to the challenges," said Neeraj.

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K-Print Week
August 27 - 30, 2014
KINTEX, Goyang, Korea

Label Expo India 2014
Oct 29 - Nov. 01, 2014
Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi, India.

All in Print China 2014
November 11 - 13, 2014
Shanghai, China

Print China 2015
April 07 - 12, 2015
Dongguan, China

12th Printpack India 2015
February 11-15, 2015
India Expo Centre,
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Gulf Print & Pack 2015
April 13 - 16, 2015
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Pack Print International 2015
August 26 - 29, 2015
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