Ecolean grows in Thailand as market demand for sustainable products increases


Global packaging supplier Ecolean proves recent success in Thailand as new customers launch in Ecolean’s lightweight, flexible packages. Thanks to the increasing demand from Thai consumers for more sustainable practices and packages with less environmental impact, Ecolean has found a golden position offering both sustainability and differentiation.

According to a recent consumer survey by Euromonitor, consumers in Thailand are paying more attention to choosing the right type of products for their busy lifestyle but also for the environment. Packaging is an important consideration when practicing conscious consumption, where 45 percent of respondents in Thailand try to use sustainable packaging and 69 percent try to reduce the use of plastics.

Dairy Home switches to Ecolean to save resources

Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the beverage, dairy and liquid food industry.Ecolean’s modern lightweight packaging solutions and resource-efficient filling lines offer both customer and consumer convenience and environmental responsibility. Ecolean is a global company with its headquarters in Sweden. Established in 1996, the company has commercial activities in over 30 countries, with China, Pakistan, Vietnam and Europe being its largest markets.

“We selected Ecolean as our new packaging supplier because we share the same ideology which is doing business in harmony with nature. The Ecolean packages use less plastic and takes up less space than any other plastic packaging we know,” says Pruitti Kerdchoochuen, Dairy Home Social Enterprise Founder, after launching with Ecolean in 2020.

Being present on the Thai market since 2019, the first Ecolean customer was signed in 2020 with another customer following in 2021. The organic dairy company, Dairy Home chose the 1000ml Ecolean Air package for chilled distribution with the innovative reclosing device SnapQuick.

Products offered by Dairy Home in Ecolean packages are now to be found in retail chains and through e-commerce nationwide, include Whole milk, Low fat milk, Grass fed milk and Bedtime milk. The switch from a HDPE plastic bottle to the Ecolean format allowed Dairy Home to save up to 35 percent of plastics per package as well as using less waste and less resources. The efforts in saving nature´s resources are well-aligned with the company’s wholesome and organic products as well as what consumers would expect from a sustainability driven dairy company.

Ecolean Exclusive in 7-Eleven

Toiyibun Food in collaboration with the retail chain 7-Eleven CVS developed a series of dairy products and dairy alternatives in portion-sized Ecolean packages for chilled distribution. The Ecolean Air packages in 200ml and 250ml compliments Toiyibun Food’s commitment to increasing an offering of quality domestic products in the dairy and plant-based beverage sectors. The launch of soy drink and regular milk product in 7-Eleven was realised in February of 2022 with great results and positive consumer feedback.

“We are proud to be one of the first manufacturers to bring the latest innovative packaging news to the Thai society, with less packaging weight, less material and less CO2 that bring minimal environmental impact to our world,” says Somchai Kulkirirattana, Managing Director and founder of Toiyibun Foods Co.,Ltd, after launching with Ecolean in 2021.

Additional launches from Toiyibun Food and 7-Eleven has hit the retail shelves during June 2022, further building on their nutritious product offering to conscious consumers in Thailand, with Soy Drink Less Sugar as well as Goat Milk.Toiyibun Food and 7-Eleven regular milk and soy drink.

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