Somu Digital raises the print quality bar with RICOH Pro C9200


With a mission to remain at the forefront of digital colour printing in the commercial printing market of north Karnataka, Kalaburagi-based Somu Digital has expanded its machine portfolio now included a new RICOH Pro C9200 Graphic Arts Edition, an advanced, productive, and versatile digital colour production press, supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

Established in the year 2011, Somu Digital with its sister concern Somu Photo Lab has been widely known and acknowledged in north Karnataka for providing high-quality printing and imaging services. Manjunath Kalgi, Director, Somu Digital, says, “Our divisions engage in different activities. Somu Digital is more about commercial printing, and we provide printing services for wedding photos and wedding photo albums as well as wedding photography under Somu Photo Lab.”

When asked about the key products which Somu Digital and Somu Photo Lab offer, Manjunath mentions, “We offer whole varieties of print products such as brochures, leaflets, business cards, invitation cards, scratch cards, ID cards as well as wedding photos and photo albums.” He adds that they print all these products using the most advanced and ultra-modern machines such as the newly bought RICOH Pro C9200 digital colour production press from Monotech Systems.

On choosing the new RICOH press, he says, “This press is compact and cost-effective with faster speed, premium colour quality and higher production volume.” He adds, “We now can push the bar of wedding photo album printing to another level with RICOH Pro C9200.”

Perfectly engineered with an advanced media support system, RICOH Pro C9200 is compatible with diverse stocks which could be coated, metallic, super gloss, transparent, thick, textured and many more. For the production of a range of high-quality photos and commercial graphics. The press can run at the speed of 115 ppm (pages per minute)to produce premium quality images on stocks up to 470 gsm.

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