Open Houses at Shenzhen (China) of rule processing and die shop


–demonstrated one of the world’s most advanced automated die-making equipments and machineries.

In today’s world of packaging, the die-cutting process is becoming more and more precise enough so as to produce perfectly shaped carton for end product to be packed. To make such fine cutting/creasing possible the role of accurate cutting die is equally important else the prefect die-cut is not possible. The role of most advanced rule processing equipment as well as the laser die-cut is extremely important. In Indian packaging sector, a good number of entrepreneurs have already invested in such capital intensive equipment. And the benefits of a perfect die are now available all over the country (though not enough as compared to the population of our country going for packaged products required everyday).

On the sidelines of recently concluded PRINT CHINA 2015 show in Guangdong, Print & Publishing editor SKK visited a most modern rule processing facility of Richly Top CNC Equipment (Shenzhen) Limited and die shop of Shenzhen Jialuo Laser Technology Co Ltd in Shenzhen, where Open Houses were organised attracting quite a few die-makers and distributors from India as well as other Asian countries.

Open House #1
Richly Top CNC Equipment (Shenzhen) Limited

A view of the assembly shop.Hong Kong based CNC equipment manufacturer with the factory and headquarter based in Shenzhen, China and founded in the year 2004, Richly Top established Shenzhen company (Richly Top CNC Equipment (Shenzhen) Limited) in year 2008 as a specialised manufacturer providing die-making industry world’s most advanced automated die-making equipment and machinery. Richly Top integrates marketing, production, self-development and self-design as its core of establishment and has become a well-known and well-recognised automated system development enterprise throughout the world.

The manufacturing facility under the brand name Richly Top produces almost 10 machines every month, having more than 10 models to offer. Their machines have various components coming from the specialized companies from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan for the requirements of metal components, electrical parts, pneumatics and gearbox respectively. With a staff of around 30 technicians, Richly Top commands 40 percent of the production going out of China. Their assembly line is perfectly tuned so as to produce machines in a given target.

Detailed working demonstration to Biren Naykpura of Son N Naykpura Co, offering a wide range of wooden cutting dies in Vadodara and also seen is Arun Gandhi of Capital Graphic SuppliesRichly Top main products included, Ultrabender, Ultracutter, Ultrarouter, Rotary Ultrarouter, Future CAM software, etc. In year 2010, Richly Top established a subsidiary company in Mexico to fully cover the sales, service and machinery production for North and South America region. Richly Top owns a world-class professional research and development system and technology, which integrated the experience and expertise of the two founders in die-making industry and computer automated industry.

Throughout the years of establishment and development, Richly Top implements a globalize management strategy which further intensify the long term relationship and partnership between customers across Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and Africa. The company focuses its products production with high accuracy, high efficiency, and high quality which gained its recognition from professionals within the industry and the respect from competitors.

Discussion by participants in progress. Processed rule components.From the depth understanding and analysis of the industry, Richly Top developed and created the world first class die-making system and machinery. With the missions and responsibilities to improve and push forward the development of the whole die-making industry, Richly Top has become the industry leader bringing a fast development process for die-making industry.

New Delhi based Capital Graphic Supplies are their distributors in India.

Open House #2
Shenzhen Jialuo Laser Technology Co Ltd

A group photograph during the Open House.Shenzhen Jialuo Laser Technology Co Ltd is a joint venture enterprise established in 1994 with the paid-up capital of RMB9 million. Based on German laser cutting technology, the company developed their own brand laser cutting machines and laser cutting technology. The company has been working with German Lasercomb and Rofin Sinar for over 10 years and is supported by Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication which has advanced printing and laser cutting technologies. They are now manufacturing a series of laser cutting machines for cutting, etching, drawing, prototyping, etc. They can supply all kinds of equipment, subsidiary materials, professional training and high-quality after-sales services. Besides, they have one high quality die-board production base in China. The company is a leading supplier in China and their machines have been sold to Russia, South America, Hong Kong, Africa, Korea and Middle East.

A view of the shop floor of Shenzhen Jialuo Laser Technology Co Ltd.


Zhang Bin, general manager, Shenzhen Jialuo Laser Technology and Lisa. and (right) Participants in the Open House

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