Punjab Kesari Group’s 410th truck of relief materials flagged off for migrants in Arnia


Recurrent terrorist activities in the border areas of Jammu & Kashmir often result in casualties among civilians living in the area and they are constantly compelled to migrate to safer places in Jammu district. The migrants left everything they owned behind. In view of such grievous situation of the trouble-stricken citizens, Punjab Kesari Group (Jalandhar) recently released its 410th truck of relief materials to the migrants now living in makeshift homes in Arnia and surrounding areas of Jammu.

Present at the landmark flagging off of the 410th truck of relief materials, sponsored by Gyan Sthal Mandir Sabha (Ludhiana), were Vijay Kumar Chopra, CMD and editor-in-chief, Punjab Kesari Group, Jagdish Bajaj, Ramesh Gumber, Bittu Gumber, Ramesh Handa, Rakesh Goyal and Lion JB Singh Chaudhary.

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