Making customers happy while producing quality prints, and saving cost!


Profitability in the graphic arts industry has been dwindling substantially, while the costs of the raw materials to produce good quality print has been on the increase. Print service providers are under immense pressure to deliver consistent good quality prints to their customers, while maintaining a healthy gross margin for the business. On this juncture, VINSAK Pace Thermal CtP plate bridges the gap between cost efficiency, quality and reliable supply. It is a reliable product suiting the practical business conditions of most commercial offset printers and comes in variety of sizes and thickness.

As per press note issued by Creed Engineers, VINSAK Pace Thermal CtP plate offers good reproduction of halftone dots from fine highlights to deep shadows, which produces desired tonal gradation to produce good print. It has made easy in getting fine quality reproduction of halftone dots from 200 lpi to commonly use 150-170 lpi for commercial print jobs. This CtP plate also offers a good run length of approx 45,000 impressions per plate. For longer runs, a baked plate increases the run length potential to approx 1,00,000 impressions.

Thus, enabling to meet the challenge of keeping the cost of goods sold as low as possible, VINSAK Pace Thermal CtP plate offers affordability while keeping the business compulsion in mind.

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