6th intensive course for editors


New Delhi based Institute of Book Publishing recently organised the 6th intensive course for editors in publishing.

On the inaugural day, P Sircar, WordsWorth India introduced the course and talked about the role of editors in a publishing house, which is obviously very important. While, Ritu Menon of Kali for Women communicated the growing requirement of on the job training which earlier large publishers used to offer, but now independent organisation need to fulfil it. “There has been a change in philosophy of publishing. The role of literary agents, market research etc has increased. As of now, editor is the key person to decide in selection of manuscript, besides convincing finance and marketing team. Infact, editors give birth to a book. Prestige for any company comes with Editor profile but not with money. Sometimes, just two percent of turnover gets 98 percent prestige,” she said. She further gave many examples as how the role of editors can be fruitful. “The introduction of Blog came from editors and not anyone else,” she added.

The six-day Intensive Course for editors was designed to update the knowledge of various aspects of editing. Attendees benefited from lectures, workshops, field visit to a printing/publishing house, study reference material and handouts, and could see videos of a publishing house and an editor at work. There were international participants from Egypt, Uganda and Nepal apart from India.

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