Efficient label production solutions from POLAR


At the Brussels-based LabelExpo from September 24-27 this year, POLAR’s stand (7K130) will present solutions which ensure an efficient label production. It is because POLAR offers not only stand-alone components for small and medium-size runs, but also in-line systems for the industrial label production, such as revenue stamps, bottle labels, can labels, etc. Whether you need square-cut or die-cut labels, every POLAR machine represents short set-up time, easy operation and uncompromising production quality.

Apart from a POLAR CuttingSystem composed of a stack lift, automatic jogger and high-speed cutter, POLAR will show its solo die-cutter DC-M. Stack lift LW 1000-4 automatically raises the material to the perfect working height for the operator. The material can be easily loaded onto automatic jogger RA-2 and precisely aligned. Since the jogger is equipped with a sheet counting scale, cutting reams can be produced in precise quantities.

While, high-speed cutter N 92 PRO includes a swivel back gauge (which compensates for inaccurate materials or helps, if the printed image is not correctly arranged on the sheet), as well as a downholder in front of the knife (which increases efficiency by reducing the manipulation of the material). The cutting programs are generated via P-Net service Compucut off the cutting machine. In this way, the time to set up the cutting programme is reduced to practically zero. Solo die-cutter DC-M then gives the products their final shape. The individual label stacks are manually inserted into the die-cutting machine, aligned on all four sides and then die-cut with maximum quality.

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