Global estimation software from EFI


A new version of EFI IQuote estimating software has been released for the worldwide market. The software is a browser-based, JDF-compliant system that takes flexibility and automation in estimating to a higher level. Originally developed for the Latin American market by a company EFI acquired in 2012, Brazil-based Metrics Sistemas de Informação, the newest version of IQuote will be commercially available in early 2014.

IQuote goes beyond many existing estimating tools in the industry, as it can be configured to work with offset, variable-data digital, book publishing, label and packaging, wide and superwide format inkjet printing and other processes. It also offers a simple-to-use but robust interface that makes it easy for personnel from different parts of a printing company to enter and obtain the information needed for quick and accurate quotes. The system plans all stages of the manufacturing process automatically so that a complete cost picture can be determined, then selects the optimal approach to present to the user.

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