Shiny 2014 calendars from Case Paper!


We change our calendars every year. Mostly calendars with a special effect fascinate us all the year around. US based largest paper merchants – Case Paper – has used Color-Logic Process Metallic Colour System to accentuate their 2014 calendars.

The calendars, which celebrate Case Paper’s 70th year, feature a monochrome photograph of a mid-20th century Case Paper delivery truck being loaded. On the calendars, the corner of the photo is lifted up to reveal a colourful metallic area containing the Case Paper logo and 70th anniversary emblem. Some 4,000 of the calendars were printed, for distribution to Case Paper customers.

Commenting on the calendars, Case Paper director of marketing Russ Pritchard said, “Color-Logic was selected by our graphic designer because the software and printing technique ensures consistency throughout a press run. The display portion of the calendar was offset printed on Case Paper Sonata Silver, a robust, vibrant, and distinctive metallic substrate offering superior smoothness over similar products. Sonata Silver offers a 16 percent yield advantage over similar competitive stocks, and is FDA approved for direct food contact and taint and odour-free confectionery packaging. Available in various grammages, Case Paper Sonata Silver is SFI and PEFC certified.” Color-Logic director of marketing Mark Geeves added, “The highest compliment that can be paid to a printing process is for a substrate supplier to use it on their own advertising and their own paper, to be sent to their customers. We are deeply gratified that Case Paper selected Color-Logic to showcase their metallic substrate.”

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