New E220 Saddle Stitcher from Muller Martini in Gernsheim


HeiRa GmbH, which is based in the German town of Gernsheim and specialises in the print finishing of consumer magazines, company catalogues and inserts, is set to raise its net output by commissioning a new high-performance Tempo E220 saddle stitcher from Muller Martini in mid-February, thereby enabling it to increase its competitiveness in a market hit by falling margins.

The first Tempo, commissioned in 1997, served HeiRa reliably for almost 17 years in three-shift operation, stitching over one billion magazines with an average annual output of 65 million copies and operatin with an output of 4,00,000 copies on peak days. HeiRa will replace Tempo, which company owner Klaus Heist has dubbed a ‘do-it-all machine’ owing to its ideal compromise between speed and flexibility, with a new Tempo E220.

Increased output, quality
and competitiveness

Heist has three objectives in mind with the new high-performance saddle stitcher from Muller Martini: “First, it will enable us to increase our net output. Second, we will optimise the end quality of our products due to the numerous quality checks. Third, we will increase our competitiveness in a market where value creation has fallen in recent years.” The efficiency of the new Tempo E220 with a Robusto compensating stacker is increased not least by the novel stream feeding of the cover folder feeder, which can be fed from the same side and the same operator as the six flat pile feeders and the merchandise tipper.

HeiRa, one of the largest print finishing businesses in Europe, produces some 325 million products annually using five highperformance saddle stitchers from Muller Martini – the new Tempo E220, three additional Tempo machines and a Supra. At peak times it produces almost 1,000 pallets with a total weight of 600 tons – per day!

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