Society of Printing Engineers 2014


The offset of the Society of Printing Engineers 2014 inauguration recently commenced at the Department of Printing Technology, College of Engineering (CEG), Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Dr N Rajeswari, head of the department, Department of Printing Technology, CEG, Anna University delivered the welcome address and introduced the dignitaries to the gathering.

While introducing the chief guest, she mentioned that chief guest Sunil Kapoor, managing director, Kapoor Imaging Pvt Ltd, Chennai went off to an annual turnover of 100 crore from a startup of 700 sq ft office. They represent some top brands in the printing industry along with Kinyosha, RBP, FUJI, 2FF, Sakata, Dainippon Screen, etc, Recently, they have tied up with RBP (US based Chemical manufacturer) to manufacture press room chemicals and expect the first supply to roll out from their Chennai plant from January 2015. Kapoor inspired the young buds to be persistent.

He elaborated on the necessity of being updated with the technology and the determination to face failures before the sight of success. He pointed out that mistakes are bound to happen at a workplace and one learns from mistakes. “But one should be careful to see that the mistake does not recur,” he said. Prashant Kumar, general secretary, SPE, Department of Printing Technology, CEG, Anna University shared his upcoming plans for IMPRINT 2015, the National level technical symposium. Dr P Narayanasamy, dean, CEG, Anna University, Chennai delivered the presidential address. He appreciated the activities of the department during the NAAC visit, a part of the UGC programme. He also wished the final year students to get placed in their dream companies. The traditional lighting of the auspicious lamp by the dignitaries radiated an aura in the gathering. The promo of IMPRINT 2015 designed by G Jeevasurya, the final year student, Department of Printing Technology, CEG was presented before the gathering which shot up the anticipation for IMPRINT 2015. The Dean mentioned that the intake of students in BE Printing has been increased from 40 to 60 students and the placement is 100 percent.

The vote of thanks was proposed by K Vipinendran, vice president, SPE, Department of Printing Technology, CEG, Anna University

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