AutoPlate Pro plate changing system from Heidelberg for Speedmaster XL 75 and XL 106


Anderhub Druck-Service AG in Rotkreuz has been operating the world’s first Speedmaster XL 75-5+L with AutoPlate Pro since January 2014. The Swiss family company has 18 employees and specialises in print jobs for industrial and pharmaceutical customers. It often prints jobs in three different languages and print runs mostly range from 1,500 to 5,000 sheets.

The fully automatic AutoPlate Pro plate changing system is available for the Speedmaster XL 75 and XL 75 Anicolor from this fall and for the Speedmaster XL 106 from spring 2015. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) introduced AutoPlate Pro at drupa 2012 for the new Speedmaster CX 102, SX 102, and SX 74 models launched at this event. The system offers a cost-effective alternative to the AutoPlate XL. Unlike this simultaneous plate changer, the plate cylinder of the AutoPlate Pro remains in the gear train and is not disconnected. Consequently, the printing plates are not clamped in place at exactly the same time, but in a time-optimised, staggered process. AutoPlate Pro achieves plate changing times around 50 percent shorter than the semi-automatic AutoPlate system, which results in faster makeready. More than 100 presses with over 600 AutoPlate Pro systems between them are now in operation at the print shops of satisfied customers all over the world.

The benefits of AutoPlate Pro are now also being made available to commercial and packaging print shops that opt for the XL 75 and XL 106 series. Thanks to its fully automatic operation, this plate changer, too, enables operators to carry on working while the machine changes the printing plates autonomously – in the same way as a pile change at the feeder, for example. The system is easy to operate. A plate change for a new job is initiated via pre-programmed processes of the Intellistart process-oriented operator guidance system or directly at the Prinect Press Center. Sensors monitor the entire procedure, which ensures excellent process stability and thus high availability.

Heidelberg offers three plate changing systems – AutoPlate, AutoPlate Pro, and AutoPlate XL. While AutoPlate requires 4 minutes and 10 seconds, AutoPlate Pro enables the five printing plates to be changed in 2 minutes and 5 seconds and AutoPlate XL in 1 minute and 42 seconds. From this fall onward, the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor, which is also designed for frequent job changes, will come with AutoPlate Pro as standard. AutoPlate XL will be offered as an option. AutoPlate will still be supplied as standard with the Speedmaster XL 75, but the AutoPlate Pro and AutoPlate XL options will also be available to customers.

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