Delivering a step change in coding design Linx offers radically new design of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer


In a major advancement for the coding and marking industry, Linx Printing Technologies has launched a radically new design of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer developed to suit production line needs. The new Linx CJ400 promises unique portability, fastest set-up and the most simple to use printer. “Fundamentally, the design of CIJ printers has not changed in two decades. Every innovation has been a refinement of the basic platform, rather than a true step-change,” explains Charles Randon, senior product manager of Linx, “Every coding manufacturer, including Linx, has been emphasising the additional features and options, but the reality is that those customers who value simplicity, and want a radical improvement in reliability and ease of use have not been well served, until now. By going back to basics and listening to our customers, we have produced an entirely new platform that reinvents the core principles of coding and delivers some very significant savings and other benefits to the end user.”

A key innovation of the Linx CJ400 is its Easi-Change service module, which can be changed in minutes using on-screen prompts. This means that scheduled maintenance is easily completed without the need for a trained technician or costly service calls – a major advantage for smaller customers or those in remote regions. Further self-maintenance features include on-screen trouble shooting, which can solve the majority of operating issues without the need to consult manuals or engineers. The Easi-Change service module is designed so that all relevant serviceable parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and reconnect. The Linx CJ400’s unique compact design weighs only 13.5kg complete with fluids, making it the lightest CIJ printer on the market. It is ergonomically designed to be well within health and safety limits for single-person pick-up.

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