Web inspection increases competitiveness


Defects are no longer allowed to pass through to further processing stages and the causes of defects can be recognized online and corrected. With the new web inspection systems from ISRA PARSYTEC, 100 percent of all quality-relevant defects are reliably identified and classified.

The slightest variations or defects on the packaging surfaces cause not only a reduction of value for the product but the value of the brand. So, for paperboard suppliers, it is essential to identify defects as soon as possible, so that they can be eliminated on-line and to prevent their delivery, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction. Critical paperboard defects such as scratches are hard to see visually before printing but are clearly evident after printing.

Being committed to helping paperboard suppliers to meet the latest quality demands with certainty and increased production, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface inspection systems, developed their latest web inspection system specifically for these ‘hard to see’ defects. Employing special lighting and camera technology, quality can be assured and information to reduce defects and improve the process is realized.

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