Enabling durable book binding for long life cycles


Offering a wide range of possibilities for printers, photo books are booming in many countries as more and more people create well designed photo books on their computer. If it is professionally produced it has a very bright future for various applications. Flawless digital printing and solid binding contributes to the enjoyment of photo books for many years.

To satisfy the rapidly growing demand in this regard, Müller Martini developed the photo bookline Diamant MC Digital. Based on the high-tech Diamant MC bookline which daily produces millions of hardcover books throughout the world, the Diamant MC Digital adjusts itself sequentially to certain book thickness variations and automatically changes over for larger width differences without having to stop production. Therefore, the challenge of varying thickness is achieved. Photo book productions where every book has an individual thickness can be produced efficiently. The commercial production of photo books has herewith become a reality.

Albumprinter in The Netherlands, producer of Albelli-photo books, has been producing their hardcover photo books on the Diamant MC Digital since the beginning of 2010. For about the same time a large American photo book manufacturer is relying on the Diamant MC Digital as well. After the production tests with their own materials, both were convinced from the start by the performance of the Diamant MC Digital and would not want to be without it. By now, many photo book manufacturers have tested the capabilities of the Diamant MC Digital and are impressed. Poster XXL in Munich is producing their photo books with the Diamant MC Hybrid. This machine combines all the options of the classic Diamant MC with the ones from the Diamant MC Digital. It is equally suitable for publishing- and/or photo book production and also processes books with rounded backs. Digital Print Group in Nuremberg produces next to photo books also small runs of published products and is relying on their all-purpose Diamant MC Hybrid.

In North America, numerous photo- and year book manufacturers are already relying on the Diamant MC Digital. Day after day they produce many photo books with this machine. Also, the first Diamant MC Digital was delivered to the Far East for the production of photo books. It is the first choice worldwide to join book blocks and cases of photo books economically and with top quality.

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