Pinmark of Ahmedabad installs Kodak FLEXCEL NX digital flexographic system


Kodak Flexcel NX system is a true 1:1 image reproduction, stable FLAT TOP DOT structure for digital flexo platemaking that enables users to truly push the boundaries of flexo printing and the recent installation at “Pinmark Blocks” has come as a welcome addition to their existing hi-tech set-up.

Strategically located in Ahmedabad, Pinmark Blocks was started by Anubhai Nathalal Zaveri around 60 years ago. Pinmark were pioneers in Block making and transitioned into fine Flexo plates architects for the flexo printers for many years. Pinmark believes in latest technology and offers the same to their clients spread all across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and African countries. Clients of Pinmark have won print excellence awards in India, APR and world print competitions. Pinmark houses the best of finishing equipment from Mekrom, now Degraf, Europe and rank as one of the biggest flexo tradeshops in the country.

Later, Prashant and Minesh joined the family business and quickly learned insides of the trade. Today, Minesh and Prashant’s two sons Rutul and Shrutul Zaveri have hands on experience in Flexo plates making and have mastered the art.

The first to their credit…

They were one among the first flexography tradeshops in India to house the legendray Digital Kodak Thermoflex Mid device. Minesh says, “Late 1990’s LAMS plates, growing from traditional analog plates, were the best to happen to the flexography industry and we took pleasure in introducing the technology to almost each and every one of our clients the digital technology and the benefits the LAMS digital plates had to offer to flexography.

The new addition…

Both Minesh and Rutul are pretty enthusiastic about their new acquisition – Kodak Flexel NX digital flexo platemaking system. Rutul Zaveri praises the Flexcel technology by putting it above other technologies, “Till now there were limitations with flexo like matching a gravure density or an offset highlight. But now, with the Kodak Flexcel NX technology, we can deliver flexo plates which will not just match but even excel the gravure and offset standards.”

Apart from the dot, Flexcel NX is unique with its many other features, according to Minesh. “What impresses about Flexcel NX is its uniqueness regarding better ink transfer and ability to print solid and screen together with one plate. Earlier we had to print two black in wide web jobs, while now the customer can save “a plate” and do the same job with a single plate. Owing to saving in cost of plates, better print results, fast turn around of plates, reduced make ready time and sustainable technology, flexography is bound to grow multifolds,” he added.

Last year, Pinmark Block studied, tried, tested and experienced Kodak Flexcel NX Technology and believed in the technology. According to Abraham S Prabhakar, national business manager – Packaging Segment, India Cluster, general manager at Kodak, “The KODAK FLEXCEL NX digital flexographic system, unlike traditional digital LAMS flexo plate making where oxygen inhibition during UV exposure causes the dot profile to become rounded, especially in highlight areas, the Flexcel NX system eliminates all oxygen during UV exposure to produce fully amplitude flat-top dots with sturdy bases and strong shoulders. This dot structure is the key to superior on-press performance, delivering a consistent, repeatable printing form that is resistant to changes in impression and wear from substrate or cleaning.”

Minesh added, “We believe in offering the best to our customers and revolutionize the flexo industry in India by offering Flexcel NX plates to all our clientele at justified premium prices.”

The features…

Kodak FLEXCEL NX digital flexographic system is targeted at the following customers/segments: packaging printer converters, including label and tag printers, folding carton printers, flexible packaging printers and offset printers who want to add digital flexo to their capabilities.

The FLEXCEL NX system enables converters to print jobs with gravure class image definition and consistency in practical day to day production, a level never before possible with flexo printing, allowing them to attract new business and command premium pricing. In addition, converters can increase productivity on press, because of the significantly enhanced stability and repeatability of the plates, resulting in savings in press setup, ink and substrate.

Choosing a converter with the FLEXCEL NX system allows a brand owner to design brand packaging to be printed with gravure class image definition and consistency in practical day to day production never before possible with flexo printing. They can use more colours and more complex, photorealistic graphics, in spot colours or process and expanded gamut process applications.

The experience and expectations…

“We were looking for better technology rather than looking for a particular brand. When we approached Kodak, they understood our need and offered us the Flexcel NX solution,” said Minesh, concluding, “They have been very supportive both prior to and post installation. We also had years of great experience with our mid size Kodak Thermoflex CtP as well as Prinergy software.”

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