Live demos at Printpack India @ Indo Poly stand


Indo Poly Machines Corporation are the leading manufacturer and exporters in India to produce Poly Master Brand Automatic Knife Grinding Machines & Poly Master Brand Automatic Surface Cum-Edge Grinding Machines. Both these models are successfully running in the leading printing, packaging, binding & printing presses of India as well as paper mills of India as well as abroad. Till date about more than 950 No’s of Knife Grinding Machines are successfully running in every big & small town on India.

“We will be present atPAMEX and will give the live demonstration ofPoly Master Automatic Knife Grinding Machines (Model PM/60 EXPORT), which is most suitable for Re-Grinding for all Indian & Imported Paper Cutting Machines,Guillotine Machines [Like Polar, Seypa-Perfacta,Itoh, Sudarshan, Wholenberg, Muller Martini,Proteck etc.) and 3-Side Trimmer Knives like Kolbus, Horauf, Perfacta, Sdy-1 Sdy-2, Prvano, Wholenberg, Muller Martini, Trident Stahl, Harauf, etc,” tells Gaurav Mahajan of Indo Poly Corporation.

“Visitors can also see live demo of Poly Master Automatic Surface Cum-Edge Grinding Machines (Model PMS/60 EXPORT), which is most suitable for Edge Grinding jobs (like Polar, Seypa-Perfacta,Itoh, Sudarshan,Wholenberg, Muller Martini,Proteck etc.) and 3-Side Trimmer Knives like Kolbus,Horauf,Perfacta,Sdy-1 Sdy-2,Prvano,Wholenberg,Muller Martini,Trident Stahl Harauf Etc) and for Surface jobs likeLine o Matic. Our both models are also suitable for special Re-Grinding for Tungsten Carbide Blades with special attachment for TCT Knives,” he adds.

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