Rotary web-fed converting solutions for the finishing of fuel cell components from Schober technologies


Schober technologies GmbH, 71735 Eberdingen – Germany, specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of rotary tools, modules and specialty machines widely used in film, foil, packaging, non-wovens and paper converting industries. This technically superior equipment is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The products of Schober technologies have found their application in all sectors of rotary processing. In addition to the traditional sectors of paper, film and foil processing industries, new application fields could be acquired in the medical, security, electronical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

In the automotive industry Schober technologies offers among all rotary off and in-line converting solutions for the finishing of circuit boards, bipolar plates and membranes for fuel cells. These rotary finishing technologies include calendaring, embossing, die cutting and punching.

Rotary web finishing offers multiple advantages

CCM (Catalyst Coated Membrane), component of MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assemblies), is quite a difficult and sensitive material to process, mainly when it comes to room temperature and humidity variations. However, rotary die cutting technology has proven its efficiency during the converting and processing, when integrated in fuel cell assembly lines.

Other materials used are GDM (Gas Diffusion Layer) and PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane).

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