Weepac installs Cron Thermal 48 channel machine


Surat-based Weepac has recently installed Cron Thermal 48 channel machine (Model: TP-4648G+). This is the latest redesigned model with new appearance, integrated output device, user friendly control interface and brand- new touch panel operation bring a more friendly human-computer interaction experience. With a speed of 24 plates per hour, the machine can handle sizes upto 1030 mm.

For the past 20 years, WeePac has established itself as one of the front runners in the industry. “Our staff is a unique blend of talent that looks into every detail right from taking the brief, to consulting you on the right materials and delivering in record time. We pride ourselves in our services that are timely, swift and efficient. Our packaging range is exhaustive – from folding cartons, printed blanks and outers, litho-lamination, plastic cartons, blister packs and shelf-ready packaging. At our 30000 sq. ft. facility, we’ve developed every service needed to make you more competitive in your marketplace all under one roof,” shares Rajesh Sangani, Director of Weepac.

Weepac already has two Offset press, punching, pasting, window patching pick & place, high speed laminator, foiling unit and coating unit.

“The highlight of Cron CTP systems is the SMFO Laser Technology. The laser imaging system uses SMFO technology allowing increased output resolution and image quality. Individual lasers can be changed or moved so that the cost of laser maintenance is greatly reduced. Besides, we were impressed with its square dot imaging technology, achieved by the adoption of optical technology, accurately reproduction of dots with minimum error rate ≤1%,” he adds.

It has a plate making resolution range of 1800/2400/2540/2800 dpi, suitable for AM/FM/Hybrid screening ≥ 300 lines per inch, 10-micron FM screening print. “The machine can greatly enhance the scope of business adaptation of printing enterprises. Higher resolutions of 9600/10160 dpi could be upgraded to meet up with exquisite printing,” adds Jayant Pardiwala, CEO of Nippon Color.

On asking why they chose the product, Rajesh replies, “We explored other manufacturers like Kodak & Amsky, but we found Cron is the best investment in partnership with Nippon Color. We were purchasing plates for third party and sometime it was taking time to deliver the plates when something is very urgent. Moreover, as a part of our job secrecy, we decided to buy one for us in-house.”

Jayant Pardiwala, CEO of Nippon Color states, “WeePac is a team of professional printing experts who are setting a benchmark in the Indian printing industry while matching international standards of service. We are thrilled to be associated with them. We have formed great relations with Rajesh Sangani and Naimesh Naik in a very short time and look forward to a long healthy association.”

“This investment is saving time for our job and of course manpower to manage plates coming from supplier. In-house platemaking is cheaper, faster, and easier to do corrections. The machine is quite easy to operate as our staff was trained by Nippon engineer. The configuration is online, meaning the plate from the CTP is automatically fed into the plate processor. The support from Nippon has been commendable so far and hoping the same support in future,” concludes Rajesh.

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