Zasfa Packaging expands capacity and quality with ‘Made in India’ machines from Vig Graphics


3 ply Flute Laminator & High Speed Diecutter with Foil Stamping & Micro Embossing supplied by Vig Graphics Pvt Ltd

Leading manufacturer of corrugated boxes, Mr Murtza, Director, Zasfa Packaging, Faridabad, Haryana installed the Fully Automatic 3-Ply ‘Made in India’ Flute Laminator and High Speed Automatic Die-cutter with Foil stamping and Micro Embossing to enhance their production capacity and production of super high quality mono cartons and foil stamping and micro embossing, respectively.

With these high quality machines addition, the company is ready to produce highest quality cartons for domestic /export market…supported by Vig Graphics Pvt Ltd with best professional services for machines support.

“Majority of jobs that we undertake at Zasfa Packaging, are complex and typical in nature. After installing the 3ply Automatic Flute Laminator machine & automatic Die-cutter, we are so much at ease in production. The machines run at high speed and it is easy to get high production with high productivity resulting in timely delivery of orders by increased production efficiency & also reducing cost of production substantially. The machine designs are perfect to run for short and long runs jobs with minimum wastage. With the increase in production capacity with Flute Laminator & Automatic Die-cutter with Foil Stamping & Micro Embossing capacity, we are producing Innovative high quality boxes and seeing high growth in business and confident to manifolds turnover growth in coming years with continual support from Vig Graphics,” says Mr Murtza.

Vig Graphics Pvt Ltd have proved their leadership in manufacturing Flute laminator machine in India. They also take lead in providing High quality Automatic Die-cutters for all segments of cartons production. “We are very proud that their Director Vikram Sarin took up the initiative to design and commence production of the Flute Laminator machine in India, thereby reducing our dependence on China for its supply. Vig Graphics machine quality justifies their slogan “Made in India…Made for World”. The machines are unique, far more sturdy, innovative and user friendly, compared to other models worldwide. He has demonstrated his exceptional engineering skills and practical servicing knowledge while designing the machine to ensure smooth production and ease of operation of peculiar job requirements,” shares Mr Murtza.

“Vikram understands the paper corrugation industry, and has in depth knowledge of the processes and complexities involved in the production and manufacturing of corrugated boxes, and keeping all this in mind, he ideally suggests right machinery for automation to enhance production and quality. It is pertinent to mention that while achieving higher quality, the cost of the machine has also been reduced to make it more affordable and competitive,” he adds.

To top it all, Vig Graphics have a reputation of maintaining their machines and providing remarkable servicing standards. “They have a fixed service schedule and their engineers are well trained to handle all machine requirements and maintain the quality standards. They provide immediate service through online/offline support, and their engineers are available for 24/7 emergency support requirements,” shares Mr Murtza.

Truly, Vig Graphics have made India proud by amalgamating their Innovative thinking, engineering skills & industry quality needs together to supply a world class 3-ply Automatic Flute laminator.

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