Suri Print Shop, Bengaluru installs RICOH PRO C7200X

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An all-time crowded commercial printing shop situated in Vijayanagar area of Bengaluru city, Suri Print Shop authentically offers quality digitally printed vibrant graphics, printed with the newly installed RICOH Pro C7200x digital colour production press from Monotech Systems.

Incepted in the year 2015, Suri Print Shop has garnered popularity during this short span of its establishment. It’s managed and run by a league of business partners. “My wife S Sithravathi is the proprietor of Suri Print Shop and Girish is a key management partner,” mentions Suresh C, Manager, Suri Print Shop. He adds, “All in all, we have a team of 10 highly skilled professionals engaging in graphic designing, printing, and production of anything related to commercial graphics, packaging prints, wedding photos, invitation cards, booklets, wall calendars, fliers, pamphlets, gift boxes, posters, among others.”

According to Suresh, they installed RICOH Pro C7200x to print all premium applications like wedding photos (albums as well), gift boxes, fancy cards, etc. He continues, “RICOH Pro C7200x is really a ground-breaking machine. Advanced features of this digital production press help us reinvent textures and sharpness in wedding photos, gift boxes, fancy cards, and many such items or applications in brand new outlooks with extra effects and enhancements.”

Amongst the added and advanced features of RICOH Pro C7200x is its ‘Fifth Toner Station’ designed specifically for blending neon pink toner with CMYK to create vivid and captivating print enhancements on applications like wedding photo albums, invitation cards for special occasions, gift box graphics, etc. Suresh puts emphasis on these added advancements of this digital production press as the reason of choosing it. He adds, “We have never come across any digital press that can be compared to this RICOH Pro C7200x when it comes to printing or enhancing captivating graphics.”

RICOH Pro C7200x is an ideal workhorse capable to gallop at the speed of 95 ppm (pages per minute). It can take up a broad range of both lightweight and heavyweight substrates up to 360 gsm for producing stunning graphics in 2400×4800 dpi laser resolution (with VCSEL Technology) on varied media textures like metallic, dark, synthetic, and magnetic, supporting oversized sheets up to 13×49.6”.

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