Precision Graphic Engineers unpacks new Eagle 528


Machines and services of Faridabad-based Precision Graphic Engineers are demanded not only in India but also in overseas countries. The company’s widely acclaimed ‘Eagle’ sheet-fed offset press has now been upgraded to Eagle 528 with advanced technological add-ons which YP Taneja, proprietor of Precision Graphic Engineers recently explained in a talk with Print & Publishing.

Adding the advanced technological add-ons to the existing basic specifications, Precision Graphic Engineers has introduced its latest five-colour Eagle 528 sheet-fed web offset press which runs at the speed up to 7000 iph to deliver maximum print area of 500×760 mm. “Eagle 528 is upgraded from our other models with some advanced technological specifications,” said YP Taneja. He added that the optional (upgraded) features in Eagle 528 include power chilling unit, pre-cutting technology and plate punching machine which can make operation easy and advanced.

Other upgraded modes in Eagle 528 include the delivery table which is now motorised. Anti set-off powder system in the machine is also designed in such a way that it can prevent any drawbacks while printing art on paper in high speed. “We utilise a coated paper, imported from USA, on transfer cylinder of this machine for spotless/mark-free prints,” mentioned YP Taneja. He further mentioned that the grease pump in other models was operated manually but in Eagle 528 it has now turned into an automatic system fitted with a timer that can indicate whether it is running out of grease or any breakdown in between. Yet another advantage of Eagle 528 is its 12 stations out of which operator can independently choose (any station) to turn on or off the machine.

Overseas customers

So far, Precision Graphic Engineers has delivered more than 28 machines to Nigeria. Latest in the company’s overseas destinations is Uganda where Eagle 528 will be delivered soon. “We give our overseas customers spare parts that can be lasted for about two years in case of any wear and tear,” told YP Taneja. He further mentioned that Precision Graphic Engineers will give Ugandan customers a free service for one year. “In this period, we give them training for smooth functioning of the machines,” he added.

Since its establishment in 1994, Precision Graphic Engineers has been catering best of cost-effective sheet-fed offset printing presses all over the world. The company has laudable R&D department to carry out improvements or upgrades in their machines. This is how the Eagle 528 was born!

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