Scodix to showcase digital enhancement in the Americas in Q1


Scodix will be promoting four different industry events in the first three months of 2018, geographically ranging from Minnesota and New York, down to Texas and Brazil. With commercial service providers eager to develop new revenue streams and enhance profit margins, digital print enhancement is expected yield industry wide sales of more than 25 billion embellished pages by 2020, at profit margins ranging up to 400% (according to a recent study by Keypoint Intelligence (InfoTrends)).

InfoTrends has also estimated that approximately 30% of all colour pages printed in North America and Western Europe (or nearly 1.8 trillion pages), currently receive some form of special effects enhancements or embellishments. In fact, their research also found that 46% of enhanced offset printed material requires two or more enhancements. Accordingly, 89% of the polled print buyers were willing to pay a premium for digitally enhanced projects. For many service providers, digital enhancement offers a client-desirable path to substantial ROI, business and productivity growth.

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