It’s time to meet again… at the print shows!


After a two-year hiatus, physical events are back…which are more reinvigorated and energized. Covid-19 had affected all industries and printing industry was no exception. But the demand for print emerged even more from packaging. People had resorted to online shopping and there was a need for more corrugated boxes than ever.

Digital printing also saw a significant rise, though the print runs had decreased. The need for high-value print jobs had increased.

Meanwhile, machinery and equipment manufacturers worked diligently to research and develop new technologies and equipments for the printing industry. Since no physical events happened in the last two years, exhibitors are now planning a bigger participation at physical print shows.

In India, PrintPack is happening after a gap of three years. Exhibitors have high expectations and see this as a great opportunity to showcase their new products and capabilities and establish a physical connection again with the wider market. Visitors can see a plethora of new products at the show and make wise investment decisions to stay competitive and offer innovative products to their clients.

The Indian growth story remains buoyant, and packaging is overgrowing.A lot of innovations have happened in the packaging and digital printing industries, which will be on offer at the show. It’s the time to invest in better technology, which will offer the ‘differentiating factor’ and increase operational efficiency with better tooling, better workflow management, and reduced wastage.

Another much-anticipated show is PAMEX 2023 to be held in Mumbai, which will have a separate hall devoted to Convergence in the Print Industry. Convergence is a phenomenon that has been happening over the past few years. It has gained tremendous momentum in the recent times and is very pronounced today as we come out of the unprecedented global pandemic.At one end, it is driven by the printers who are looking to diversify into an industry segment beyond their primary focus. On the other, the emerging technologies make it possible for printers to offer newer applications, enhancements and embellishments from their equipment. The Convergence Hall at PAMEX will likely see a plethora of such cutting-edge technologies.

It’s the time to go tech-savvy!

Sonal Khurana
[email protected]

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