Indian print & packaging : a sunrise industry!


Sonal KhuranaThe Indian print and packaging market is forecast to see continued expansion in the next five years, driven by rising demand from e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage sectors.

The growth of e-commerce has led to a need for protective packaging during transportation and delivery, resulting in increased demand for corrugated boxes and flexible packaging. While, the pharmaceutical industry is also expected to contribute to the growth of the packaging market, as the demand for medicine packaging increases in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The food and beverage sector is also anticipated to play a significant role in the expansion of the print and packaging market, as consumers continue to seek convenient and hygienic packaging options, driving demand for stand-up pouches.

As consumers and businesses become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing demand for packaging that is made from sustainable materials or produced using sustainable methods. This includes materials such as recycled paper and plastic, as well as biodegradable and compostable options.

As digital printing technology continues to evolve, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for print and packaging applications. This is because it offers cost-effective and efficient solutions for small runs and personalized packaging.

With this, the trend for smart packaging is also rising. Smart packaging refers to packaging that is embedded with technology that can interact with the consumer, such as RFID, NFC, and QR codes. It can provide information about the product, its expiry date, how to use it, and so on.

Overall, the Indian print and packaging market is expected to see significant growth in the next five years, due to demand from various sectors and trends in technology and sustainability.

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