Trendsetting packaging designs for sustainable Diwali celebrations!


Diwali is not just a festival of lights but a perfect occasion to give and receive gifts. This year, the packaging trends reflected not just a vibrant fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, but also sustainability and eco-friendly packaging options. These are aligned with the growing environmental consciousness. Dabur’s Real juice cartons were packed in a container that can be used as a bread box or tiffin later.

Another key trend we saw was personalization, with brands offering custom packaging to create a memorable and unique consumer experience. Cadbury launched personalised packaging for their gift boxes. Customers could put the name and picture of their loved ones on the packaging.

There was also a focus on incorporating innovative materials and techniques, enhancing both visual appeal and sustainability. e-commerce portals also offered gifts in packaging that ensured product safety during transit while maintaining an attractive presentation. Overall, Diwali packaging trends seamlessly blended cultural richness with modern sensibilities, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

PAMEX 2024 is just round the corner, continuing with the theme of ‘Convergence in Print’ spanning across the innovations that make us look beyond the obvious. The exhibition is dedicating a pavilion to some of the most advanced and futuristic print technologies in the industry such as 3D printing, AR printing, nanographic printing, flexible electronics, sustainable printing technologies and advancements in digital printing technology. Visitors can look at the futuristic technologies offering improved efficiency, versatility, and quality.

Digitalisation is an enabler for processes and applications in the print and packaging industries. AI, platform economy, and the openness to new product solutions in the field of industrial applications play a key role. Furthermore, sustainability will characterise drupa’s agenda next year. drupa 2024 will focus on Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency and Resource Conservation as well.

The industry is gearing up for both these events and let’s make print more vibrant, sustainable and innovative. Happy printing!

Sonal Khurana
[email protected]

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