World’s first NOVAFOLD 110 by BOBST installed in Germany


With the commissioning of the NOVAFOLD 110, PerWaGbR, based in Ettenheim, Germany, has elevated its production process to a new level since mid-2022. “I have always been happy to take on a pioneering role in the market to provide customers with the latest technological possibilities. The NOVAFOLD 110 fits into this picture,” explains Umberto Pericolini.

The NOVAFOLD 110 offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of order sizes for PerWa, with a production speed of up to 300 meters per minute. The machine’s user-friendly interface enables short setup times, allowing PerWa to produce its customers’ small orders more efficiently than ever. Besides, large orders pose no challenge for the company either. “During the commissioning phase, we produced an order for 750,000 folding cartons for a client with the NOVAFOLD 110,” recalls Pericolini, who has been in the printing and packaging industry for decades.

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