Monotech Systems installs Kodak Trendsetter at Ludhiana’s Agarwal Graphics


Ludhiana-based Agarwal Graphics is a leading printing service bureau. The company boasts a state-of-the-art pre-press facility equipped with a line of high-end machines and equipments. The facility has been upgraded with the installation of a Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter, supplied, and installed by Monotech Systems, a leading machine manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for the printing and packaging industry globally.

Ashok Agarwal and his son Shivam Agarwal with Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter

Established in the year 1990, Agarwal Graphics has been a popular printing service bureau working for a handful of clients from all over Punjab and neighbouring areas. “We have been supplying plates to some of the leading printing companies and publishers in the region,” says Ashok Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director, Agarwal Graphics.

Agarwal adds, “We maintain value & quality in production of thermal plates using best-in-class platesetters installed in our production facility. With a target of producing more than 500 plates during our daily working hours, we always strive for a heavy-duty digital plate-setter. With the installation of a new Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter we are now empowered to meet our target.”

Earlier, Agarwal Graphics used to produce UV plates using basysPrint UV-Setter. In this respect, Agarwal mentions that they were in need for just another advanced and upgraded platesetter for faster production, so they opted for the Kodak Trendsetter.

“We have had the right decision on choosing the Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter X-speed with Kodak software from Monotech Systems. Ever since the installation of the highly-advanced thermal plate setter in our facility we never looked back and forth for more. This platesetter finally meets all our requirements to fulfil the sheer demands from our customers—faster and friendlier.

Kodak Trendsetter 800 Platesetter is an ideal system capable to produce thermal plates up to 33×45 inches. It drives maximum productivity at reduced cost of production for Agarwal Graphics. Many automation features and integrated punch system of the machine trigger faster and flexible plate production. Mr. Agarwal informs that they are now capable to achieve more accurate and stable imaging using the new Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter.

On the company’s expanded activities, Agarwal mentions that they have introduced a new division called Agarwal Processor. “My son Shivam will look after the new division. As of now, he’s pursuing BTech IT, sohe’s not able to devote fulltime to the business,” he informs. He further mentions that they look forward to strengthening their tie with Monotech Systems, which is a driving force for them to expand business. In addition to thermal plates, Agarwal Graphics supplies inks, chemicals, and other products from brands like Micro Inks around Punjab and J&K.

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