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Kishor Surti (Printing Technologist), Principal Consultant, S P Konsultancy shares how to ace in the printing business.

In the dynamic landscape of the printing industry, technological advancements and shifting customer demands have created a wave of uncertainty, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. While printers of all sizes are putting in their best efforts, a significant number find themselves grappling with ambiguity and struggling to grow their businesses. As media showcases the latest trends in fashion, design, and presentation, there’s a resounding call for personalization, creating a significant opportunity for the qualitative, unique, and personalized Print Pack products. This presents a boon for the development of the industry.

Our commitment…

With a steadfast commitment to the Print Pack industry, SP Konsultancy brings over four decades of techno-commercial experience. Having witnessed the evolution from Letterpress to offset and digital printing, we have not only adapted but played a pivotal role in successfully executing and commissioning these transformations. Recognizing the vital importance of keeping pace with technology for business survival, we aim to guide Print Pack business owners towards adopting modern technology for sustainable growth.

The S P Konsultancy advantage…

Headed by Principal Consultant Kishor Surti, a Printing Technologist with over 40 years of rich technical and administrative experience, SP Konsultancy is dedicated to helping businesses overcome future uncertainties. Our experienced technical team is poised to attend to your concerns, thoroughly understand your challenges, and collaboratively design tailor-made blueprints to empower you. Our mission is clear: to educate and empower every Print Pack business owner, regardless of their scale, to awaken, arise, and prepare for business growth.

Addressing concerns…

In our discussions with the printing community, we’ve identified a prevailing sense of nervousness about the future of their businesses. This fear often stems from a lack of information and knowledge regarding the changes happening in the industry. As printing consultants and well-wishers of printers, we aim to shed light on the facts of our trade, offering guidance and expediting the understanding of these changes.

More recently, we made a Presentation on Empowerment of Printers to the distinguished members of Poona Press Owners Association. The entire hall of Patrakar Bhawan was packed and audiance remained in full capacity till last. We received encouraging response. Subject choice remained impressive when we received compliments from them that it was amazing subject first time addressed which was much needed.

How can we make a difference?

At S P Konsultancy, we believe in action. Our approach involves an experienced technical team engaging with you, understanding your unique challenges, and collaboratively designing strategies to empower your business. We advocate for a mindset shift – moving from uncertainty to confidence, from fear to preparedness, and from stagnation to growth.

As the printing industry undergoes a transformative period, SP Konsultancy stands as a beacon of guidance and support for Print Pack business owners. Our collective goal is to facilitate a seamless transition into the future, ensuring that every printer not only survives but thrives in the ever-evolving market. Together, let’s embrace the future, armed with knowledge, technology, and a commitment to success.

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