VINSAK offers extensive range of pressroom chemicals


Expanding their product portfolio futher, VINSAK has launched extensive range of pressroom chemicals that offer alcohol free printing, nil effervescing and total calcium control.
The range includes fountain solutions, press washes, plate cleaners, developer, developer powder, gum and remover. These pressroom chemicals are helpful to enhance production efficiencies,
reduce material costs and consumption, minimize ecological impact and runs on a variety of plates including CtP versions.
CtP plates are much more chemically sensitive than conventional plates. Thus, the incompatible chemicals can reduce the life of the plates. Also, there is a higher demand for inks and fountain
solutions to work together. VINSAK pressroom chemicals are effective in controlling the dot gain and ensures a good release from the plate to the blanket to the paper.
“The positive popularity of energy-curable UV or hybrid printing inks and coatings is influencing the emphasis on pressroom chemical formulations. Our pressroom chemicals are designed to clean
inks very efficiently without affecting plate coating while maintaining the total compatibility with the plates,” conveyed Vivek Bhardwaj, general manager – consumable sales.
Innovative and business oriented solutions of VINSAK are offered by Creed Engineers. And in the past two decades, Creed Engineers has enabled many businesses succeed financially by
providing them customized solutions that were well integrated and supported. These include manufacturers of print that extend from large and well-established brands to entities that are in
their nascent stage of growth. The vision of Creed has brought solutions that were innovative,high quality, more critically and an ideal fit for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive
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