3A Composites adds FOME-Plast and FOME-Line to its all-star line up


India has the fastest growing organized retail sector in the world. This dramatic growth has fuelled a new signage segment that demands high quality substrates for organized retail. Recognizing this high growth potential, the global brand leading manufacturer of Alucobond, Dibond, Forex and Kapa devoted two years in market research, focus groups and BETA trials across India, which culminated in a request for a new generation of premium foamboard products outside of what 3A Composites currently offers.

Innovative PVC and paper faced printable foamboards were created to meet India’s unique market needs. Trademarked as FOME-Plast and FOME-Line, these new products are now available in stock at preferred distributors across India. A new centrally located, state-of-the-art facility near Mumbai was erected to produce these premium products. To best serve the Indian market, this facility has been created with specially designed equipment and processes.

FOME-Plast and FOME-Line are 5mm Expanded PS(Polystyrene) sheets laminated with liners of 60-120 microns of rigid PVC or 200gsm paper liners that will be offered in widths from 1M -1.22M and lengths up to 2.44M. These light weight, print grade display boards will have diverse graphic applications for in-store promotions. The boards can be easily knife cut, direct screen-printed, digitally printed as well as painted and mounted. The foamboards are perfect for creating point-of-purchase displays, signage, exhibits and kiosks designed for short to mid-term use, as well as for custom framing applications.

“Little more than a year ago, we had an ambitious idea to serve a gap in the signage market with a domestically produced foamboard that would provide better quality, yield and faster lead times for the Indian market. Now everything is coming together as we launch FOME-Plast and FOME-Line. These innovative products will provide exciting new creative and yield options for fabricators and retailers to promote their brands. We’re determined that our lightweight products’ unique features of superior printability and rigidity versus substitutes will carve new segments such as hanging rigid and intricate shaped signage to emerge. We’re optimistic for an exciting future with our partners and have invested in a great team to grow the business,” commented, David Meacham, director of business development, Asia Pacific. Again placing emphasis on the unique features of these boards, Jaiprakash Melwani, head, sales and marketing added, “These boards will be a trendsetter in the print and signage industry.”

For more info, contact the 3A Composites team at: +91 22 4005 4500 or visit: www.fomeplast.co.in & www.fomeline.co.in

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