Shree Krishna Graphics, Noida installs CRON CtCP system

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Nestled in Noida’s Sector-10, Shree Krishna Graphics serves its customers in and around Delhi-NCR with quality CtCP and CtP plates across various market segments. The company’s current vibrancy in platemaking is enhanced by the recent acquisition of a new CRON UVP-4664G+I+ commercial & newspaper CtCP system from Monotech Systems.

Shree Krishna Graphics is an idyllic offshoot of a longstanding establishment. Anupam Gupta, Director of Shree Krishna Graphics, recounts, “Our journey began in 2010 under the name of Krishna Sales, where we emerged as a color matching center and a dealer of plates and consumables from prominent brands like Technova, DIC, Toyo, OC, etc in Ghaziabad. In 2017, we established Crystal Graphics as a service bureau in Ghaziabad, installing our first CtCP system.”

He adds, “In 2021, we observed a surge in demand for CtCP plates in Delhi-NCR but faced a stark shortage. This prompted our intervention with the installation of a thermal CtP system at Crystal Graphics. While operations thrived in Ghaziabad, meeting Noida’s demands proved challenging. Consequently, Shree Krishna Graphics was inaugurated in Noida Sector-10 in August 2022 with 20 staff, a thermal CtP system from Technova, and the groundbreaking CRON CtCP system from Monotech Systems. And the rest, as they say, is history in the making!”

The CRON CtCP system from Monotech Systems has undeniably transformed Shree Krishna Graphics. Anupam shares, “Following our successful stint in Ghaziabad, we sought a machine tailored for the burgeoning Noida market where prospects of CtCP plates increased and demands surged. CRON emerged as the ideal choice at Monotech Systems, renowned for its superior products and unparalleled after-sales service.”

“Even before acquiring CRON, positive feedback about the system poured in from customers. Since its installation at Shree Krishna Graphics, customers including bureau houses, newspapers, publishers, packaging & commercial printers, and jobbers have praised it, with Hindustan Times, Loksatya, Jagat Kranti, and MBD among our latest clients.”

Discussing the decision to opt for CRON, Anupam highlights its technical superiority, ease of maintenance, and exceptional dot reproduction capabilities. He emphasizes CRON’s suitability for service bureaus like Shree Krishna Graphics, where accuracy and speed are paramount. CRON UVP-46646I can produce 28 plates per hour (28×40), supporting plate sizes up to 1160mm, boasting features such as dot imaging, accurate dot reproduction, and a 64-channel capacity. “In my opinion, CRON is unmatched,” concludes Anupam.

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