Kanpur’s Shray Offset installs second Komori press

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Shray Offset, Kanpur has invested in second KOMORI press, which is Lithrone G37, to meet the increasing demands for quality, innovative, and newer print applications from customers dotted in diverse market segments. The first one being the Enthrone 29 was installed in 2018. Shray Offset has been exploiting the best-of-the-best capacities of both the offset presses supplied and installed by KOMORI India.

“In addition to the prowess and productivity of the KOMORI presses, we are exceedingly excited and happy to be partnered with KOMORI India whose amicable and swift service support eventually help us a lot in terms of overall smooth running of the presses as well as getting hold of growth in business with our quality bar in printing raised to a new height,” remarks Ankur Bajpai, Director, Shray Offset (P) Ltd.

Engineered as an epitome of cutting-edge technologies, KOMORI Lithrone G37 meets diverse needs of applications. It is capable of operating stably at high-speed of 15,000sph (sheets per hour), taking in sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.04mm to 0.6mm. Further, KOMORI Lithrone G37 handles sheets up to maximum size of 640x940mm for printing in a maximum area of 620x930mm. With all these capacities, this KOMORI press has the prowess to address the full span of requirements in the publishing and commercial printing arenas, which Shray has been into for years.

Since its cooperation in the year 2004, Shray Offset has been predominantly into the publishing and commercial printing domains, offering printed products such as books, magazines, marketing collaterals, product-catalogues, flies, brochures, etc.. “Most of our customers are from the publishing and commercial printing markets,” says Ankur, adding, “To meet the needs of their demands, we finally found that KOMORI is the right solution for us. KOMORI presses in our facility are ideal for highpage count products in highprint quality.”

Ankur continues, “After all, KOMORI Lithrone G37 is amazing in its speed and make-ready time. Also, it remarkably accommodates short turnarounds, which makes the press ideal for short-run productions of diverse products which some of our customers keep demanding. Apart from strengthening our production capacity and quality in prints, our investment in the second KOMORI press is a strategic step for us to boost our ongoing expansion into new market domains.”

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